Common Room

Best little bar in the bay.

Gerard Barron (G)

Owner, Proprietor, Creator

The man, the legend, G started it all. These days the Papa Smurf of our strange little village can most often be found beautifying our constantly-evolving Common spaces.

Gary Weston

Duty Manager, Tech Wizard, Gary

Legend has it, Gary Weston is the spirit of Common Room in human form. A mysterious entity, he exists only within these walls. No one has sever seen him outside.

Dancing Phil

Bartender, Dancer

Dancing Phil, they used to call him. These days, 'Crazy Ol' Dancin' Phil', on account of he went crazy and is old. Whatever you call him, he's up for a friendly chat and he pours a fine brew.

Clark Gaudry

Chef/Proprieter - DeDe's Pizza Pie

Yankee Clark can be found in the kitchen bringing you authentic New York style Italian-American flavours, right here in Hastings. Check out his creations on our menu!

Drop Dead Jed


He's stylish, he's suave, he only appears at night. Jed is possibly an actual vampire, but so far, no one can prove it.

Gracie Dot


Spiky, yet swishy. What more can we say? Heaps, probably. Wouldn't you like to know? Too bad. This is the caption.

Michael Weaver

Obvious Nerd

OG Commoner and Hospo Wizard Weaver was pillaged from the crew of a classier establishment and briefly forced into servitude here. You can check out any time you like, Weaver, but you can never leave.

Jackie Barbot

Robo Bar Elf

Those empty glasses aren't gonna clear themselves! Barbot vanishes your dishes and helps contain the chaos. (Please do not present Barbot with clothes, or Barbot will be free.)